The Riddle of a Loud Bang in the Sky of England Finally Revealed


The mystery of a mysterious sound boom in the English sky. PHOTO/ DAILY START

LONDON – Residents of Leicester, Oxford and Northampton England reported hearing a loud “sonic boom” that sounded like a “bomb exploded”. The loud booming sound caused the ground to shake.
One resident said: “Very loud explosion in Leicester about 15 minutes ago. Felt the air shaking, cat got scared and ran into the room. It was horrible, what was that?” asked one of the witnesses to the incident as reported by the Daily Star, Sunday (5/3/2023).

But the cause of the alarming noise was eventually found. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that two RAF Typhoon jets created the explosion.

“The aircraft flying from Iceland to Nairobi via Southend was escorted to the airport by RAF jets and landed shortly before 12.50 today (Saturday 4 March). Two people – a pilot and co-pilot – were on board,” wrote the Daily Star.

According to experts, planes generate sound waves in transit and can create sonic booms by breaking through the sound barrier, producing a sound similar to thunder when flying over them.

The emergence of a shock wave or Sonic Boom has a cause, namely from the activities carried out by various aircraft that have the power in the form of waves called supersonic.

The supersonic waves resulting from the aircraft’s activities will then occur if they have exceeded the sound waves, the trigger can be known such as air pressure, temperature, and density which have changed over time.

With the emergence of waves that exceed the speed of sound and are influenced by some of these things, the sound or sound will travel through various mediums quickly and can be heard by humans.


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