The Natural Phenomenon of Trumpet Sounds from the Sky Has Occurred in These 5 Countries


Illustration of the natural phenomenon of a trumpet sound from the sky. PHOTOS/AFP

KINGSTON – The natural phenomenon of a trumpet-like sound from the sky as happened in Kingston Jamaica in January caused an uproar on social media.

Many associate the sound with the sound of the ‘Trumpet or Bible’.

The sound like a trumpet from the sky of Jamaica which was successfully immortalized is actually not something new because previously it was recorded that five countries had heard this strange sound from the sky.

1. Germany

In early April 2015, residents in Germany were startled by a mysterious sound. The sound like a trumpet from the sky was heard when the weather was still noon and made everyone in the house freeze and bewildered.

Some people who were in the house were wondering, ‘What’s that sound?’ while opening their windows.

Even those who were on the highway stared silently at the sky and let the roar of a trumpet-like sound resound in the German sky.

2. British Columbia, Kanada

Is Kimberly Wookey, a resident of British Columbia in Canada who caught the mysterious sound like a trumpet. Wookey who lives in the mountainous area immediately recorded the mysterious sound.

On Wookey’s recording, you can hear the trumpet-like sound sound as if it’s descending from the sky.

With British Columbia’s weather conditions being slightly overcast, the recording of a trumpet-like sound from the sky can make anyone surprised and wonder.

Because the mysterious sound was very clear, as if someone in the sky was blowing it.

3. Allen, Texas

One of the states in the United States, namely Texas, is an area that also hears the sound of trumpets from the sky.

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