The hero miner opens the door of his new home to the family of earthquake survivors

Mustafa Keten from Amasya, one of the heroic miners who saved dozens of lives in the February 6 earthquakes that rocked Turkey, opened the door of his newly purchased home to a family of earthquake survivors from Hataj.

Gülcihan Yuksel, with her policeman husband and 3 children, after the earthquake that caused great destruction and loss of more than 46 thousand lives in 11 provinces centered on Kahramanmaraş, came to the Suluova district of Amasya, where her relatives live.

They live in a bungalow in the countryside. Gülcihan Yuksel, touched by the gesture of Keten and her family, who lives in a bungalow in the village of Kerimoglu

Keten, 40, who settled the family of disaster survivors in his new home, which he bought with money saved from his earnings at the mine where he worked for 16 years, said he could never rented to some people in need.

the survivor

“Someone was moving me at night, I heard a big ‘boom'”, says the earthquake survivor through tears

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Children who survived the earthquake draw their dreams on umbrellas

the MP wears shoes

The deputy enters the house of earthquake survivors with shoes on, is crossed by the network

19 years old 1163x720

23 people died in the collapsed palace, the only survivor: The film saved me

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