The European Union Does Not Accept If Russia Makes Security Threats


The European Union Does Not Accept If Russia Makes Security Threats. PHOTO/Reuters

BRUSSELS – European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the Canadian parliament on Tuesday (7/3/2023), during a visit to increase support for Ukraine. He said Europe would never accept a Russian threat to its security.

“We will never accept that a military power with royal fantasies rolls its tanks across international borders,” he said in a speech more than a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The EU will never accept this threat to European security and the very foundations of our international community,” von der Leyen added.

Von der Leyen urged “steadfast military and economic support” for Ukraine, while also renewing calls for Russia to “pay for its crimes of aggression” after proposing in November to set up special courts to try such crimes.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, von der Leyen also praised Ukrainian female soldiers who had been banned from combat duty before the conflict, but “didn’t care and joined the army anyway.”

“This is not just a war in Ukraine. This is also a war on human rights, and it is a war on women’s rights,” he said, clapping his hands.

Earlier, during a visit to a Canadian military base, von der Leyen and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised the delivery of generators to Ukraine, which has suffered repeated attacks on its power grid.

Trudeau also announced the extension of the Canadian mission to train Ukrainian combat engineers in Poland, which is ending soon, through October and the placement of medical trainers as well.

Von der Leyen, after his multi-day visit to Canada, will travel to the United States where he will be received on Friday by President Joe Biden.


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