Texas Wants Independence from the United States, Wants to Hold a Referendum


The state flag of Texas flies under the US flag. Photo/REUTERS

TEXAS – Texas Republican Bryan Slaton has tabled a bill that could set up a referendum to “investigate” the state of Texas’ independence from the United States (US).

If the proposal is approved, a vote on whether to explore the option of leaving the United States will be scheduled.

The bill, which Texas state Representative Slaton posted to Twitter on Monday (6/3/2023), is officially titled the “Texas Independence Referendum Act” or “Texit” for short.

If passed, a referendum on whether Texas “should reaffirm its status as an independent nation” is scheduled for November 7, 2023.

“Under the Texas constitution all political power rests with the people,” Slaton wrote.

“After decades of continued abuse of our rights and freedoms by the federal government, it’s time to let the people of Texas make their voice heard,” he said.

He submitted a similar bill in 2021 along with fellow Republicans Kyle Biedermann and Jeff Cason, who warned at the time that the bill was not for secession, but was meant to start a “dialogue” about the idea.

“However, the first proposal failed to be discussed in a parliamentary session and died,” recalls Slaton.

The Texas Nationalist Movement welcomed the news on Twitter, calling Slaton “our friend” and urging Texans to contact their representatives to support the bill.

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