Tarzan Srimulat Subject to a Fine of IDR 90 Million, Reminds to Be Careful Buying Used Houses

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Not appearing on the screen for a long time, Toto Muryadi alias Tarzan Srimulat is in the public spotlight. The reason is that this comedian was found to have been fined Rp. 90 million by PT PLN (Persero) due to the electricity supply in his son’s house.

Hearing the news, Tarzan did not accept it and protested to PLN. After protesting and giving an explanation, he finally got a fine reduced to IDR 72 million, Mother.

Paying electricity is everyone’s obligation. However, you need to pay attention to many things before using electricity at home so that what happened to Tarzan doesn’t happen to you.



Tarzan Chronology was subject to an electricity fine of IDR 90 million

In a video, Tarzan recounts his chronology when he received the fine. This Srimulat member said that in 2007 he bought a house for his daughter.

The electricity in the former house was then replaced by Galuh Pujwati. 15 years have passed, unexpectedly a PLN officer came to his house and threatened to block the electricity supply.

“After 15 years, suddenly on February 6, 2023, PLN officers came to the house. They immediately wanted to block it because our reasons were not appropriate,” said Tarzan, quoted from the detikcom page.

As a result of this incident, Tarzan reminded the whole community not to use old electricity when buying a used house, so that similar incidents do not happen again, Mother.

“The point is, if you buy a used house, don’t ever use the old electricity, it’s better to buy a new register just to be safe. Not like me,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PLN also opened their voice regarding the incident experienced by Tarzan. The manager of PLN UP3 Kramat Jati, Aditya Yoga Nugraha, suggested that before a rental transaction or sale and purchase of house assets, the community is expected to ensure that the house’s electrical conditions are safe and according to its designation.


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Also, watch the video tips on avoiding electric shock below, Mother.

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