South Korean Civil Group Demands Japan Apologizes About Sexual Slavery

A South Korean community group held a rally near the Japanese embassy in Seoul on Wednesday (8/3) to demand the Japanese government apologize for sexual slavery and wartime forced labor during the colonial era.

The group, the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance, holds regular rallies every Wednesday and criticizes the South Korean and Japanese governments for ignoring the victims’ demands for an apology and compensation.

Lee Na-young, head of the group said, “Those who destroy the nation’s pride, freedom, democracy and the value of peace, emphasize the importance of the nation’s future, while trampling on the rights and honor of the victims. I am appalled at this cruel reality.” .”

Last Monday, the South Korean government announced controversial plans to end the dispute over forced labor with Japan.

The government said it would raise local civic funds to compensate the victims.

Following the announcement, the victims criticized the decision, saying they would receive no such compensation. [uh/ab]

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