“Say that you shot him because you are punished a little, because you are small”, the Turkish father kills the young man for the loud music, leaves the crime to the minor daughter

A very serious event shocked Turkey yesterday, where a 30-year-old man was shot in his apartment and died in the hospital.

Initially, it was reported that he was accidentally killed by a minor girl, but what the investigators discovered later shocked everyone, as it turned out that the perpetrator of the murder was the minor’s father.

But how did the serious crime happen and how did the father try to hide it by blaming his daughter?

It is learned that Zeki Özezen had a strong verbal argument with his neighbor Kıral Dalkıran. Özezen was listening to loud music and the neighbor had told him to turn it down, but the victim had not accepted and this is where the argument started.

In the ongoing fight, the 30-year-old man was shot by his angry neighbor, being seriously injured and immediately taken to the hospital, but unfortunately he did not survive.

After shooting his neighbor, the perpetrator took his young daughter, telling her that when the police came to tell them that she was the one who shot and not her father, as he would not be punished because of his age, and so he would they both gave him peace.

After this statement, the murdering father was released while his daughter was kept in custody for further questioning. But everything was revealed through a letter that the little girl wrote from prison, where, among other things, she said:

“My father killed him, not me. They told me I would get a short sentence because I was young and they wanted me to take the blame. They said that there is a playground in the prison and I could play here. But I’m not guilty even though I accepted it.”

Then, Kıral Dalkıran, who was detained again 4 days after the incident, was arrested, while his daughter Ç.D was released and handed over to her mother.

But, again, the author insisted that it was the daughter who had shot the neighbor, but none of his statements were taken into account by the prosecutors of the case, who have requested for his life sentence, while he is accused of the crime of “intentional murder “.

In its decision, the court board first sentenced Kıral Dalkıran to life imprisonment for “intentional murder”, then reduced the sentence to 18 years by applying the reduction for the offense of “unjust provocation”. Meanwhile, his daughter is not charged with anything and has been released.

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