Note, Here Are 9 Korean Dramas Airing in March! (1)

Poptren. – It seems that Korean drama fans will always be waiting for it. A number of dramas from Ginseng Country are ready to enliven this March with various types of stories and conflicts.

Starting with Delivery Man with a fantasy theme. In addition, the story of The Glory Part 2 starring Song Hye Kyo also finally aired this month. The drama, which revolves around past revenge, is scheduled to premiere on March 10, 2023.

The following is a list of Korean dramas that will be airing in March 2023:

1. Delivery Man : March 1, 2023

Drama Korea Delivery Man. [soompi]Korean Drama Delivery Man. (source: soompi)

This drama tells the story of two figures, namely a taxi driver who works hard to fulfill his basic needs, and a ghost who has lost his memory.

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Yoon Chan Young will play Seo Young Min – a taxi driver who runs a “only for ghosts” taxi business, fulfilling their wishes while giving them a lift.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day Minah will take on the role of Kang Ji Hyun, a ghost who has lost her memory and finds herself getting a free ride in Seo Young Min’s taxi.

2. Divorce Attorney Shin : 4 Maret 2023

Drama Korea Divorce Attorney Shin. [soompi]Korean drama Divorce Attorney Shin. (source: soompi)

Tells about a talented divorce lawyer named Shin Sung Han, played by Cho Seung Woo. The highly sensitive Shin Sung Han must face a wild client. But he managed to find solace in his two best friends, Jang Hyung Geun and Jo Jung Sik (Kim Sung Kyun and Jung Moon Sung).

3. Oasis : March 6, 2023

Drama Korea Oasis. [soompi]Korean Drama Oasis. (source: soompi)

‘Oasis’ is set in the 1980s to 1990s and tells the story of three high school students who struggle to achieve their dreams.

Not only that, they also struggled to maintain their first friendship and love amidst the social and economic turmoil that occurred in South Korea at that time.

Jang Dong Yoon will take on the role of Lee Doo Hak, a bright student who has a clear personality despite growing up in poverty. He fell in love at first sight with Oh Jung-shin (Seol In-ah), a new transfer student from Seoul.

Choi Chul-Woong (Choo Young-woo) plays Lee Do Hak’s childhood friend, but also his fated rival.

4. The Glory (Part 2) : 10 Maret 2023

The Glory Part 2. [soompi]The Glory Part 2. (sumber: soompi)

Three months after the broadcast of The Glory Part 1, this drama has become one of the most anticipated Korean dramas. The story of a former victim of school violence and bullying starring Song Hye-Kyo. He vows to avenge himself with the company of Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Dong Hyun).

5. Pandora Beneath The Paradise : 11 Maret 2023

Pandora Beneath The Paradise. [soompi]Pandora Beneath The Paradise. (sumber: soompi)

Airing March 11, the drama written by Penthouse writer Kim Soo Ok will tell about the revenge of a woman who realizes that her perfect life is not what it seems.

This Korean drama stars Lee Ji Ah, who successfully played a role in the drama ‘Penthouse’ in 2020.

Meanwhile, the other four dramas are no less interesting. Wait for the broadcast schedule in the next article. So, which drama are you waiting for the most?


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