Not only men, these are 4 reasons why women also have the right to choose their own life partner

So far, in terms of matchmaking or marriage, it seems that women are always the ones who have to accept whoever proposes to them. Yes, being proposed by a man is indeed the dream of some women. Especially those who really want marriage. However, what if you are not comfortable with the person who wants to ask for your hand?

There must be a dilemma, right, Beauties? On the one hand, finally there is a man who expresses his seriousness to live and grow old with you. However, on the other hand, you may not be sure and sure about choosing him as a life partner.

What’s more, if your parents have given you the “green light”, many of your family or closest people have encouraged you to choose her immediately with the phrase “pamali rejects a mate, later no one wants it anymore, you know!”.

For those of you who are confused about choosing a life partner, you need to remember, you have the right to state that you don’t agree to marry someone who doesn’t match your criteria or typical. Come on, read some compelling reasons why you also have the right to have partner criteria and determine your own life partner.

1. You Know Your Needs

Reporting from Kanoonirai, choosing a life partner is a fundamental right, aka the fundamental right of every individual and is a personal freedom. It’s clear here, that you have the right to choose your soul mate according to your criteria, characteristics and needs, beauties.

2. Women have the right to marry the person they love

Illustration of a couple in love/Photo: Pexels/Mateus Souza
Illustration of a couple in love/Photo: Pexels/Mateus Souza

Couples who are getting married, ideally fall in love and are comfortable with each other. Because love is at the heart of any relationship, be it dating or marriage. So, it’s important to choose the people you love and love you, beauties.

If your parents or someone close to you insists that you have to marry someone who doesn’t suit you, you need to explain carefully, beauties, that marrying the person we want is important. Thus, as reported by Opera.

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