North Korea Reveals Realistic Opportunity for Regional Nuclear War


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un accompanied by top military officials walks in front of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Photo/REUTERS

PYONGYANG – North Korea (North Korea) is warning of a “realistic” threat of nuclear conflict following another round of military drills between the United States (US) and South Korea (South Korea).

Pyongyang also predicts a “disastrous escalation” in the region.

North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Tuesday (7/3/2023) condemning the recent joint air drills between Washington and Seoul.

The exercise involved one US nuclear-capable B-52 bomber. North Korea says the drills only increase the risk of conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

“Due to the irresponsible actions of the United States and South Korea, which only concentrated on armed demonstrations filled with gunpowder, contrary to the will of the international community to eliminate tensions and political stability, the risk of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula shifted from an imaginary stage to a real one. realistic,” said the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

North Korea also added, “The exercise clearly shows the US is preparing for war with the DPRK (North Korea).”

Similar joint combat exercises were also launched last Friday, including the US B-1B strategic bomber.

Another exercise will be held next week to simulate the US and South Korea’s response to a missile attack by the DPRK.

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