No word of peace, Hotman Paris refuses to forgive Razman Arif Nasution: Haven’t you read all this time?

Suara Sumatra – Lawyers Razman Arif Nasution and Iqlima Kim unanimously apologized to Hotman Paris. This was in reaction after being investigated for a defamation report by Hotman Paris.

Both Razman and Iqlima Kim tried to take a peaceful path by apologizing to Hotman Paris through Iqlima’s lawyer, Fakhridz Al Donggowi.

Unfortunately this request was not accepted by Hotman Paris. The reason is, Hotman firmly rejected the request for peace from the two rivals.

“You ask for peace? Have you not reflected on your actions so far? Try to watch all the videos and your words against me. My answer is, I have no intention of making peace with you,” said Hotman Paris firmly.

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“Hello, brother Razman Nasution. Today, Tuesday (7/3/2023) at 7 pm a video circulated of you holding a press conference, appealing to Hotman to make peace with you over the police report I made against you in a defamation case,” said Hotman Paris, in a video uploaded Tuesday night.

Hotman Paris asked for this case to be continued until it goes to trial.

“Continue with the legal process, don’t after the investigation process gets narrower, you start to get worried. If you are a man, face the legal process. I never want to make peace with someone like you Razman Nasution. Face the legal process to the end,” said Hotman Paris confirmed.

This problem began when Iqlima Kim, accompanied by his lawyer, Razman Arif Nasution, reported Hotman Paris to the police. Iqlima, who was once Hotman’s personal assistant, admitted that he was harassed by the senior lawyer.

Hotman Paris did not accept Iqlima Kim’s accusations. Hotman was also angry with all of Razman Nasution’s negative remarks to the media about him, so he reported the two of them on charges of defamation.

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Iqlima Kim finally admitted that he had never been harassed by Hotman Paris. Iqlima even revealed Razman’s depravity, in which he admitted that he was often seduced and asked to marry the 52-year-old lawyer


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