Nigerian Mafia Boss Extradited to Italy


Nigerian woman turned mafia boss, Joy Jeff, is extradited to Italy. Photo/Yahoo

ROME – A Nigerian woman wanted by Italian security authorities since 2010 has been flown from Abuja back to Rome where she has been sentenced to 13 years for a number of crimes, including running a prostitution ring. This was disclosed by the Italian police.

Joy Jeff, who is 48 years old, is one of the few women on Italy’s most wanted list, police said in a statement, describing her as a prominent figure in the Nigerian mafia.

The extradition was facilitated by an agreement signed by Nigeria and Italy in 2020.

“He was arrested in Nigeria on June 4, 2022, on an international warrant issued by Italy,” the statement said.

Italian investigators in the eastern city of Ancona said Jeff played a major role in trafficking women to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, where they were forced into prostitution by force and threats. He has been sentenced in absentia or in absentia.

Video released by Italian police shows the woman being flown from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, to Rome’s Ciampino airport, where she is taken in a wheelchair by police.

“Africa today is a strategic location for finding fugitives and fighting organized crime,” said Vittorio Rizzi, head of the Italian police in charge of international coordination.


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