New Rules 5+1, Luis Milla Brings 2 Additional Foreign Players to Persib Bandung? Joni Bauman Can Be An Option

Suara Denpasar – Persib Bandung can bring in two additional foreign players in the Indonesian League competition next season due to the new regulations that will be implemented by PSSI.

Quoted Suara Denpasar from Antaranews, 06 March 2023, PSSI will implement new regulations in the Indonesian League competition next season.

One of them is the addition of the foreign player quota which was previously 3+1 to 5+1, with details of 5 players from any country and 1 from Southeast Asia.

Although it will apply 5+1, later only 4+1 will be playable in matches.

That way, it is possible that Persib Bandung will add to the strength of foreign players next season, and several players can become options.

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One of the players that could be Luis Milla’s option to be brought in to Persib Bandung is Jonathan Bauman.

This Argentine player is not a new name at Persib Bandung, he has played for the Blue Prince team in the 2019 season in a partnership with Ezechiel Ndouaselll in attack.

Reporting from Transfermarkt, currently Jonathan Bauman plays for the Barcelona SC club in the Ecuadorian League, the transaction value reaches IDR 19.7 billion per year.

However, when his contract with Barcelona SC will end, transfermarkt is not written.

However, it is believed that this is not a big obstacle for Persib Bandung if they want Jonathan Bauman’s services again, considering that the financial condition of the team from West Java is known to be very healthy. (*/Dinda)

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