My cousin is very protective, her child is touched by someone and she immediately bathes her! –

#HaiBunda I am a housewife and have two children. I want to tell you about the story of my cousin in raising and educating his child. Let’s just say her name is Bunda Sari.

Sari lives very close to my house. A year after getting married in 2004, she gave birth to a son. The child was born normal and healthy like most parents expect.

Since the child was born, Sari treated him very protectively. If her child is held by someone other than her husband, she immediately bathes her child. Likewise, if his child crawls out of the house, he immediately bathes him or at least takes off his clothes and wipes his child’s body.



Finally, the whole family doesn’t want to hold or carry their child. Because if her child was touched, Sari would grumble.

During the growth period until before kindergarten, their children are still treated like that. The child is not allowed to play with the neighbor’s children. He would rather buy his son all kinds of toys, from cheap ones to millions of rupiah.

In fact, his son’s food was very chosen. The eggs must be free-range chickens because broiler chickens are given centrate feed. Her child is also not allowed to eat vegetables, Mother, because vegetables are sprayed with pesticides when they are growing.

Chicken can only be KFC

Surprisingly again, the child is not allowed to eat vegetable chicken meat. Sari only buys fried chicken at KFC, not allowed anywhere else, let alone roadside food stalls. Children are also not allowed to eat food cooked by other people.

In fact, her grandmother’s cooking is also not allowed! Isn’t that too much? Until finally, a problem arose when his son was in kindergarten. When her son had sports class, Sari confronted the teacher at school.

Because of what? Only because the teacher told his child to do sports, Mother. Wow! Sari also once confronted a teacher because her child was immunized at school. He reasoned, his son had a fever after being vaccinated. It’s normal for a child to have a fever after the vaccine, right?

In fact, the child is healthy and does not have a serious congenital disease. However, Sari did not allow her child to be vaccinated and exercise. This treatment continued until the child was in elementary and middle school. He chose a private school that allowed his son not to take sports lessons.

He also chose an open high school so that his children would not be too tired from school every day like regular schools. Actually, they are financially capable and can send their children to good schools.

Compassionate mother caring for her sick son at home. Loving mother embracing her young son during an online consultation with their family doctor. Mother and son video calling their paediatrician.Illustration of the Story of Mother strict parents/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/jacoblund

The child has no friends

Sari’s husband could only remain silent and accept his wife’s attitude. He didn’t want a fight to break out over parenting. When in fact, the child is very smart, easy to learn.

It’s a shame, his son couldn’t get rank 1. The teacher put him in rank 2 because the kid never took sports lessons. Now, Sari’s child is in grade 12 and is still being treated like that.

Their children are not allowed to do physical work, only to be alone because they don’t have friends. Every day, he was at home because the open high school only came on Saturdays.

Because eating is also limited, their children only like to eat white rice, fried eggs, KFC fried chicken, instant noodles, and ready-to-eat sausages. If someone sends food such as meatballs, chicken noodles, or side dishes for a celebration, they always give it to me.

At his age, the child doesn’t feel the fun of snacking in front of the school, hanging out with friends, hanging out at an angkringan, or eating nasi padang. He spent his youth full of joy. If the mother can be wiser, the child can grow even better.

Parents must love their children but in my opinion, it doesn’t need to be that way. Here, I do not mean to badmouth my own cousin’s upbringing. I just don’t agree with that parenting style.

Let the children grow and develop to the fullest, play and socialize with joy. If a child falls, let him get up and get up. Dirty children after playing, yes take a shower after playing.

I hope this can be a lesson for mothers. Come on, let’s create a young generation that is physically and mentally healthy.

-Mother S, domicile is kept secret-

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