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Most popular at HaiBunda today, Wednesday (8/3/2023):

1. Meaning of Putra’s name and 40 ideas for a series of names, unique and aesthetic

The name Putra seems to be timeless, Mother. The name that has been heard a lot in the environment since Mother was a child is relatively simple and easy to remember. It’s no wonder that the meaning of the beautiful name Putra for boys is pinned by many parents on their children.

Taken from Sanskrit, the name Putra is very popular in Indonesia. Usually, Mother and Father will arrange the name Putra with one or two other names to make it look more perfect.



Read more here.

2. 7 Adorable Portraits of Ukkasya, Zaskia Sungkar’s Son Who Is Often Invited to Horse Riding

At the age of 2, Ukkasya, daughter of Zaskia Sungkar, has a hobby of riding horses, Mother. Intrigued by Ukkasya’s adorable portrait?

See his portraits here.

3. 7 Prewedding Portraits of Valencia Tanoesoedibjo & Kevin Sanjaya, Themed Old Hollywood Vibe

Recently, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo and Kevin Sanjaya appeared intimate in the portrait they shared. They have done pre-wedding ahead of the wedding.

See the portrait here.

4. 7 Portraits of Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law Fuji’s house, bought in cash Rp. 13.5 billion at the age of 20

Not long ago, Fuji again attracted attention. The reason is, the 20-year-old girl has just bought a luxury house with cash, you know. Like what?

Take a peek at the potrent here.

5. BLACKPINK Makeup Tutorial Directly from the MUA, Rose is the hardest than the others

BLACKPINK makeup artist, Lee Myung Sun, revealed that the most difficult BLACKPINK makeup is Rosé, you know, Mother.

Lee Myung Sun recently conducted an interview with one of the South Korean media. Back then, she was asked about the different look Rosé saw in the MV for her debut solo track, ‘On The Ground’.

Check out the complete information here.

Mothers, see also the 10 series of Agatha names for Christian baby girls in the following video:

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