Missing for a long time, Rizki Syarif, ex-guitarist Alexa, graduated from his doctoral degree in physics and became a world researcher

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For some mothers, they may be familiar with Rizki Syarif. In the past, his name soared in the Indonesian music scene when he appeared with the Alexa band.

Rizki at that time filled the position of guitarist for the band which was popular through the songs Never Go and Dewi. However, Rizki then decided to take a vacuum as guitarist for Alexa, which at that time was booming.

Not without reason, at that time Rizki decided to take a vacuum because he wanted to finish his education. Rizki finally realized his dream of completing his Masters degree in Physics.



Unmitigated, Rizki also continued his doctoral education at Brown University, United States of America. There, he successfully completed his Postdon education and became a physicist.

Now he works at CERN, one of the most famous research centers in the world. This was revealed through Alanda Kariza’s latest tweet on her personal Twitter account.

“Today academia inspo, Rizki Syarif (who used to play guitar for ALEXA), did a second round of bachelor’s in Physics, earned a PhD & postdoc at Brown, became a scientist at CERN (Today’s academic inspiration Rizki Syarif (who used to play guitar for ALEXA) did a Masters in Physics, got a PhD & postdoctoral at Brown, became a scientist at CERN),’ he wrote.

On the other hand, Rizki is determined to leave Alexa to complete his education. Rizki admits that he is very interested in the world of education, especially in the field of Physics.


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