Meaning of Putra’s name and 40 ideas for a series of names, unique and aesthetic

The name Putra seems to be timeless, Mother. The name that has been heard a lot in the environment since Mother was a child is relatively simple and easy to remember. It’s no wonder that the meaning of the beautiful name Putra for boys is pinned by many parents on their children.

Taken from Sanskrit, the name Putra is very popular in Indonesia. Usually, Mother and Father will arrange the name Putra with one or two other names to make it look more perfect.

In assembling two or three names, make sure Mother chooses a name that fits in her heart. Because the name that Mother chooses will describe the character of the Little One in the future. However, you don’t need to worry and be confused, see below to find out the meaning of the name Putra and its series of names, Mom.



Son Name Meaning

Putra is a local name that is generally given to boys. The name Putra is quite popular in Indonesia, meaning this name means boy. In addition, this name comes from Sanskrit, Putra can also mean prince, child and adult man.

Series of Names with Son’s First Name and Meaning

1. Son of Adika

The best boy

Putra means son Adika means the best

2. Putra Adyatama

The boy who has the gift of life

Putra means son Adyatma means gift of life

3. Son of Akarsana

Boys who have charms

Putra means boy Akarsana means attraction

4. Ananda’s son

The boy who has happiness

Putra means son, Ananda means happiness

5. Putra Garian

Successful and successful boy

Putra means son. Gariyan means success, success

6. Putra Janakara

Knowledgeable boy

Putra means son Janakara means knowledgeable

7. Putra Kavaya

Smart boy

Putra means boy Kavaya means intelligence

8. Pandya’s son

A pure and wise boy

Putra means son Pandya means holy and wise

9. Putra Ashanka

Brave boy

Putra means son. Ashanka means brave

10. Putra Aydin

Smart boy

Putra means son Aydin means intelligent son

11. Son of Aziz

Noble, strong and beloved boy

Putra means son Aziz means noble, strong, beloved

12. Putra Bahir

A handsome, charming and handsome boy

Putra means boy, Bahir means handsome, charming, beautiful

13. Son of Carim

Generous and generous boy

Putra means son Carim means generous, generous

14. Son of Daisam

Meek boy

Putra means son Daisam means meek

15. Dzaki’s son

Clever and intelligent boy

Putra means son Dzaki means smart, smart

16. Son of Elzein

Handsome boy

Putra means boy Elzein means handsome

17. Putra Emyr

Noble boy

Putra means son Emyr means noble

18. Elhasiq’s son

Smart boys are also skilled

Putra means son, Elhasiq means a man who is smart and skilled

19. Putra Fairel

What a brave boy

Putra means boy, Fairel means son who is brave

20. Falih’s son

Lucky and successful boy

Putra means son, Falih means luck, success

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Name Combination with Son’s Surname and Meaning

1. Arsyad Putra

Very smart boy

Arsyad means very clever Putra means boy

2. Athar Putra

Pure and pure boy

Athar means pure, clean Putra means son

3. Dhiau Putra

The boy who has the radiance

Dhiau means ray of light Putra means son

4. Elzin Putra

Handsome boy

Elzin means handsome Putra means boy

5. Emyr Putra

Noble boy

Emyr means noble Putra means son

6. Farras Putra

Clever and intelligent boy

Farras means smart, intelligent Putra means boy

7. Fauwaz Putra

Successful and prosperous boy

Fauwaz means success, Sejahtera Putra means son

8. Ghirrid Putra

Well-spoken boy

Ghirrid means a child who speaks well. Putra means boy

9. Hamadi Putra

Praiseworthy boy

Hamadi means praised Putra means son

10. Hazim Putra

A strict and disciplined boy

Hazim means firm, discipline Putra means son

11. Hilman Putra

Polite and patient boy

Hilman means polite, patient Putra means son

12. Haziq Putra

A clever and clever boy

Haziq means clever, clever Putra means boy

13. I dig Putra

Handsome boy

Kaivan means handsome. Putra means boy

14. Jayantaka Putra

Thoughtful boy

Jayantaka means wise man Putra means son

15. Kaysan Putra

Thoughtful boy

Kaysan means wise Putra means son

16. Kazim Putra

Patient boy

Kazim means patience Putra means son

17. Khaizuran Putra

Boys become leaders

Khaizuran means leader, chief Putra means son

18. Luftan Putra

Meek boy

Lutfan means meek Putra means son

19. Rafa Putra

Happy and rich boy

Rafa means happy, kaya Putra means son

20. Razan Putra

Authoritative boy

Razan means authoritative Putra means son

Nature and Character

A person named Putra has a personality that prioritizes principles, service, and finds it difficult to accept boundaries. However, Putra is someone who is talented, intelligent, and very creative.

Artist or Popular Figure with Son’s Name

1. Arifin Putra

The handsome actor, Arifin Putra, who is of German-Sundanese blood, was born on May 1, 1987. He started his career in the Indonesian entertainment industry since 2003.

In 2003, Arifin Putra participated in the presenter competition through MTV VJ Hunt. Even though he didn’t win, Arifin Putra managed to get offers for several projects, such as being a video clip model to playing soap operas.

Since then, he has starred in various soap operas. Then, in 2008 he debuted on the big screen in the film Lost in Love.

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