Loud Sounds Believed to be Trumpets Trumpets Heard in Jamaica


A loud sound similar to a trumpet trumpet was heard in Jamaica last January and is now viral on social media. PHOTOS/ KINGSTONIST

KINGSTON – An excited sound like a trumpet from the sky as happened in Kingston Jamaica on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 in the morning local time, went viral on social media.

Many associate the sound with the sound of the ‘Trumpet or Bible’.

Adam Correia the recorder of this rare phenomenon then posted on Twitter recently and it went viral.

As reported by Kingstonist, Sunday (5/3/2023), in this post, some netizens said it looked like a trumpet or like a metal table being dragged on a metal floor

The unexplained sound occurred between 3 and 4 am local time.

But NASA scientists say the loud trumpet-like sound indicates Earth’s background sound.

As reported by the air, it really comes from the earth and it is something that is natural and exists all the time.

While other scientists say the trumpet-like sound can come from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tidal waves, to methane gas explosions.

Meanwhile, a researcher from the US Geological Survey, David Hill said, small earthquakes under the Earth’s surface can emit sounds that come from fragments of the Earth’s crust.

In addition, Hill also believes, the sound could have emanated from meteors, this theory was obtained based on the analysis of the US government research program High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which states that the sound comes from the influence of electric power lines, electromagnetic radiation, high pressure gas , and wireless device communication lines.


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