Kids Like Mentil? These are the causes & ways to get rid of old breastfeeding habits –

The habit of mentil when breastfeeding is usually done by babies when they are old enough. This habit often makes mothers uncomfortable.

Mentil or twiddled is the child’s habit of ‘pumping’ or holding his mother’s nipples when breastfeeding. This habit can appear in children when they enter the age of 6 months.

“Often, this habit starts around 6 months of age, but it can also start earlier or later. There is no definite age when children start doing it,” says Pediatrician Karen Gill, MD, reported by Healthline.



In newborn babies, the mentil habit has not yet been formed because they sleep more and learn to breastfeed to get milk. Meanwhile, older children tend to be more restless when feeding, so they like mint.

The reason why children love to be mentile

The exact cause of mentil is unknown. However, many associate it with several things, such as developmental and environmental factors. Other factors also include the problem of reduced milk supply.

Mentil habits can develop as babies begin to find comfort in moving things with their hands while feeding. For some other children, this urge can be satisfied by holding a blanket or a small toy.

“Playing with the other breast can also be a comfortable way for the baby to stay focused and suckle longer and more calmly,” says Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, quoted from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, launching from Romper.

Lactation Consultant Anne Smith, IBCLC from Breastfeeding Basics, says that there’s no definite reason that can explain a child’s liking for mentils. However, similar behavior has been observed in mammals. They do mentil turns to induce the let-down reflex in the other breast.

Mentil habits in children may be intended with a specific purpose. However, many mothers feel discomfort and pain in the nipple area because of this habit of their child, mother.

Then how do you get rid of the old habit of mentil in children?

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