It turns out that these are the Zodiac Signs of 4 Greatest and Most Famous Women in the World, Did You Know?

Being born as a woman is a gift to be grateful for. How could it not be, women are the source of life, because the next generation will not be born without a woman’s womb. Extraordinary is not the role of women in this world.

Sometimes women are considered weak and underestimated, even though world history records great women who are always remembered for all time. The following is a row of great women recorded in the world zodiac. Come on, let’s look at the zodiac that is the background of their greatness.

1. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa devoted her life to helping poor people, especially in Kalkota India selflessly/Photo:
Mother Teresa/Photo:

Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic who dedicated herself to helping the poor. This is a reflection of the mother’s sincerity. Like a mother who takes care of her child to adulthood selflessly, Mother Teresa also dedicated her life to helping the poor, especially in Calkota, India selflessly.

The title ‘mother’ or ‘mother’ is very appropriate for her, because a heart full of motherly feelings and affection has always been attached to her. Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 and has the zodiac sign Virgo.

The zodiac sign that has this earth element has a motherly nature and is full of genuine affection, so this trait is very strong in Mother Teresa. Like the perfect woman, those with the Virgo sign are usually wise, selfless, and helpful. Until now Mother Teresa is always remembered, loved, and considered a saint for many people around the world.

2. War Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has always been a role model for her citizens and has successfully led the kingdom for decades/Photo:
Queen Elizabeth II/Photo:

For nearly 70 years Queen Elizabeth II led the British empire and made her the world’s longest serving leader. Queen Elizabeth II has experienced the ups and downs and good and bad of her government so that her prime minister has changed 14 times. It’s an extraordinary journey of life, isn’t it?

He is a very busy man because he has to think about many things such as his personal home life, royal affairs, government, being Head of the Commonwealth, Head of the Church of England, and Head of the Armed Forces. Wow, what an extraordinary woman who can be a leader in many ways.

If you look at her zodiac sign, the queen who was born on April 21, 1926, of course, has a Taurus sign. The nature of Taurus is very obedient to the rules, this is an important basis for a leader.

A leader must obey his own rules in order to be a role model for the people he leads. That’s why Queen Elizabeth II has always been a role model for her citizens and managed to lead the kingdom for decades.

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