Indonesia Enters the Peak of the Rainy Season, Note 5 Ways Not to Get Sick After Being Rained!

Indonesia is entering the peak of the rainy season from January to March. That means, the risk of getting caught in the rain is getting bigger. Many people believe that getting drenched in the rain can cause a person to experience colds, fever, colds, and not feeling well.

So, can getting wet in the rain really make you sick?

According to health practitioner Dr. Dewi Ema Anindia quoted from the detikHealth article, this is just a myth. Actually, it’s not rainwater that makes a person sick, but because their immune system is weakened due to weather conditions and temperature changes, so the body is more susceptible to viruses or bacteria.

Hence, many people get sick more easily during the rainy season. In addition, the factor of differences in air pressure that occurs when it rains can cause a person to experience headaches.

Beauties, consider the following ways so that your body is not susceptible to disease after it’s raining.

1. Immediately change wet clothes to dry

how to prevent getting sick after the rain
Immediately change clothes after the rain/Photo: Freepik/antonmaster

After the rain, immediately dry the whole body using a towel and replace wet clothes with dry ones. The reason is, when you are cold because your body temperature decreases, your immune system also weakens.

Body temperatures that are lower than the normal temperature of 36-37 degrees Celsius are also the perfect environment for viruses to multiply and cause infection. That’s when you will easily get colds, sore throats, coughs, and even fever after being caught in the rain.

2. Bathe with warm water

Referring to the Makati Medical Center page, a warm bath can actually help normalize a cold body temperature.

In addition, bathing can remove germs or dirt that sticks to the skin after it has been rained on. If your body is clean, immediately dry your body and hair with a towel, then wear clothes that can warm your body.

3. Consume Hot Food and Drinks

how to prevent the body from getting sick after the rain
Consume warm drinks to stabilize body temperature/Photo: Freepik/freepik

Apart from taking a warm bath, consuming warm food or drink is also one of the tips so you don’t get sick after it’s been rained on. Quoting the TGP page, consuming something hot can help provide a feeling of warmth and comfort, as well as being able to clear phlegm that has accumulated in the nasal passages and throat, thereby relieving nasal congestion.

Fill your stomach with warm foods that can be consumed during the rainy season, such as soup, hot tea, hot chocolate, boiled empon-empon, or warm water mixed with honey and lemon.

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