How to Order Eid 2023 Bus Tickets Online, It’s Really Easy!


How to order Eid 2023 bus tickets online can be done through the application. Photo: doc Damri

JAKARTA – It is important to understand how to order Eid 2023 bus tickets online, especially for those who want to go home using land transportation. Moreover, now buying bus tickets can be done online through the application.

There are two ways to do this. First, directly through the official Damri application. Second, use an application like Traveloka.

Most importantly, users must first understand the Eid 2023 schedule. According to the SKB 3 Ministers regarding National Holidays and Joint Leave 2023, Eid 2023 falls on April 22-23 2023.

As for the joint Eid leave, it starts from Friday, April 21, 2023 to Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

Buy through the Damri application

1. Download the Damri app on PlayStore or AppStore.
2. Create an account and login.
3. Select the Inter-City Bus menu
4. Fill in the fields of departure point, destination, date of departure, and number of tickets
5. Click Find Tickets
6. Select the desired ticket and departure schedule
7. Fill in the data starting with name, telephone number, and NIK
8. Confirm the order and make the payment

Buy through Traveloka

1. Open Traveloka App or Traveloka website on your mobile.
2. Fill in the bus details in the search box.
3. View all available bus schedules.
4. Select the bus you want.
5. Fill in the customer and passenger data.
6. Make a payment before the specified deadline.
7. View your Damri e-ticket via email, SMS, or on the Order menu.
8. You can pay for Damri bus tickets via bank transfer (ATM/SMS Banking/e-banking/bank teller), credit card, or cash payments at mini markets (Alfamart).

Furthermore, the user only needs to show your Damri e-ticket to the Damri bus staff at the departure point to board the bus.


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