Here’s How the Russian P-18-2 Prima Aircraft Detection Radar Works


Russia has recently beefed up its defense using the P-18-2 Prima aircraft detection radar. DOC ist’s photo

JAKARTA – Russia has recently improved its defense using the P-18-2 Prima aircraft detection radar. This was done after receiving a drone attack that almost destroyed Gazprom facilities.

The P-18-2 Prima mobile radar was installed on March 2, 2023 based on a report by the Moscow newspaper, The Insider. The news also revealed that the radar functions as a tracker and detector of approaching airborne targets.

The technology that can detect stealth aircraft is the creation of PJSC NITEL and PJSC NPO Almaz. This radar was later marketed by Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation).

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The P-18-2 incorporates modern hardware, digital signal processing, and generation technology. This results in high potency energy and increased immunity.

This Russian radar is claimed to have high mobility because it can be taken anywhere, different from most other radar stations.

To operate this technology requires two people who will control and monitor it from a distance. Because it has a high degree of automation, its activation only takes five minutes.

Later, this radar will be brought using a special vehicle to be placed in locations that are prone to attacks or in border areas.

Its range reaches 320 km with an altitude angle of up to 45 degrees. While the minimum detection range is 500 meters.

The developers PJSC NITEL and PJSC NPO Almaz claim that this radar can operate in difficult terrain and in bad weather conditions.

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