Heartless, this is what happened when presenter Jevier Justin’s child was abused by his nanny

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Jevier Justin and Tiffany Orie are sad. Her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, Shannuel Favory Justin, was abused by the babysitter.

The incident began when Jevier and his wife went to the United States to get walkers and wheelchairs for their children.

However, they were shocked when they saw the CCTV footage. The nanny they trusted even tortured the girl who is familiarly called Shan, Mother.



Shan gets rough treatment from his caretaker. When taking a shower, he was splashed with cold water until his lips turned blue. Apart from that, Shan was also often forced to eat until he vomited. Her hair was grabbed and her nose filled with water.

The nanny who carried out the abuse was known as Ratna. Currently, Ratna is 17 years old but does not yet have an ID card.

In the video uploaded by Jevier to Instagram, Ratna looks relaxed and doesn’t cry when she admits her actions. He is also said to be often fierce when reprimanded for his handling of Jevier Justin’s child.

“Her name is Ratna, if you don’t want to be tricked into tormenting her child, check her face. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to your family,” said Jevier Justin’s family in the video.

Even though the nanny had abused their child, Jevier Justin and Tiffany chose not to report Ratna to legal channels. They even sent Ratna home and gave her severance pay.

“It’s been given. Yes, this (the money). I was sent home today because I was wrong, maybe I abused the children, I abused the children, argued with the parents, the way I spoke was rude, impolite,” said Ratna in the video.

“I won’t say anything (outside). Maybe I put water in Shan’s nose, like this (squeezing Shan’s nose), I blow his face,” he continued.


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