Hamas Condemns Israeli Minister’s Plan To Destroy Palestinian Houses During Ramadan


Hamas Condemns Israeli Minister’s Plan To Destroy Palestinian Houses During Ramadan. PHOTO/Reuters

GAZA – A senior Hamas official warned that Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s plan to continue demolishing Palestinian homes in Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan would “cause an explosion against the racist Israeli government”.

“Our brothers in Jerusalem are the rightful owners of the land and they will never allow the Zionists to displace and take over their homes,” said Hamas office member in exile, Hisham Qasem.

“The Palestinian resistance is preparing for confrontation in response to any aggression that is being carried out against our capital city and our people in Jerusalem,” Qasem continued.

“Our resistance is a defensive shield against Israel’s constant aggression and violations everywhere,” he added.

Senior Hamas officials called on Arab and Muslim countries to act seriously against Israel’s planned destruction of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, which Ben-Gvir has threatened to carry out in the month of Ramadan.

Hamas also condemned the creation of an Israeli military unit for Jewish volunteers in the Arab city of Lod to fight Arab residents, Al Watan Voice reported.

“The creation of a Jewish terrorist armed group in Lod responding to the extremist minister Itamar Ben-Gvir is a dangerous development,” Qasem said.

“This proves that the Israeli fascist government is preparing to escalate its aggression against Palestinian citizens (in Israel). This racist and fascist behavior is a core component of the current Israeli government,” he continued.

This comes following a report by Israel’s Kan public broadcaster about the formation of a unit of a few dozen civilians with military experience that will serve as a special alert squad.

According to Kan, this may be the first of several established in cities with large Arab populations.

“I thank the prime minister for accepting my request for the creation of a national guard and the addition of thousands of police officers,” Ben-Gvir tweeted on Monday.


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