Getting to Know Islamic Boarding School Activities in Ramadan, This is the Goal for Children –

Children who are in school usually carry out Islamic boarding schools activities in the month of Ramadan. The learning process is different for each school. Some only do it for three days, some even a week.

It is hoped that this flash boarding school activity can help children understand the field of study of religious education, Mother. Not only that, it is also hoped that students can enhance the experience of worship and become a solution to the problem of spiritual anxiety.

Islamic boarding schools can make students understand and live the Islamic religion well. That way, they can practice it in everyday life.



Lightning boarding school activities

Quoting from the book Social History of Islamic Education by the Guepedia Compilation Team, judging from its etymology, pesantren is a form of educational activity characterized by five components, namely students, yellow books, pondoks, mosques and kyai. Meanwhile, ‘lightning’ means the fast movement of light even faster than sound.

Taken together, Islamic boarding schools mean fast-paced religious studies and are usually carried out during school holidays or the month of Ramadan. Of course, the activities carried out are different from the students in Islamic boarding schools in general.

According to Ustazah Aisyiyah who is also a retired lecturer at UIN, Dra Hj Elo Albugis M. Ag, in general, children who take part in Islamic boarding schools will carry out various religious activities. For example, such as reciting, memorizing, and listening to inspirational stories.

“Broadly speaking (Islamic boarding schools) are reciting short letters, reading or memorizing prayers specifically related to Ramadan, inspiring religious stories, and so on,” he said when interviewed by HaiBunda, recently.

The aim of the flash boarding school

Judging from the book Islamic Education in Indonesia by Haidar Putra Daulay, the essence of the implementation of Islamic boarding schools is to instill religious values ​​in students. They will get religious provision that fills their cognition.

The express Islamic boarding school is also filled with various activities that can improve the affective side of children. For example, such as congregational prayers on time, midnight at night, to various other activities.

So what is the process of pesantren activity like? Read more on the next page, come on.

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