Get to know Edelweis: The Eternal Flower, Soe Hok Gie, and Ranca Upas


Edelweiss flower has the scientific name Anaphalis javanica which is more popularly known as Javanese Edelweiss (Javanese edelweiss) or Senduro Flower. Photo/Wikipedia/Pixabay

JAKARTA – The Edelweiss flower has the scientific name Anaphalis javanica, more popularly known as Javanese Edelweiss (Javanese edelweiss) or Senduro Flower. The Edelweiss flower is an endemic plant in the alpina or montane zones in various high mountains of the archipelago.

In historical accounts, the Edelweiss flower was first discovered on the slopes of Mount Gede, West Java. Quoted from the page, the Edelweiss flower was discovered by a German scientist named Caspar George Karl Reinwardt while on a hillside.

Then in 1819, the Edelweiss flower was further investigated by Carl Heinrich Schultz around Mount Semeru and Merbabu. Edelweiss flowers live at altitudes between 1,600 to 3,600 meters above sea level and the flowers will appear in April and August.

The distribution of Edelweiss flowers, quoted from the Biology Generations website, especially in Central and South Asia, has a total of 110 species. Whereas in Southeast Asia including New Guinea, there are only 6 species, namely Anaphalis javanica, Aanaphalis longifolia, Anaphalis maxima, Anaphalis viscida, Anaphalis helwigii, and Anaphalis arfakensis.

Edelwies flowers are known as eternal flowers because they are estimated to be more than 100 years old. Edelweiss flowers can be eternal or long-lived because they have the hormone ethylene which functions to prevent the flowers from falling.

Edelweiss flowers are known as endemic flowers because they can grow and develop in arid places. The Edelweiss flower is a vigorous pioneer plant and inhabits fire-ridden slopes, including open areas such as mountain peaks and craters.

“(Edelweiss Flower) is a pioneer plant for young volcanic soils in mountain forests and is able to maintain its survival on barren land,” said Muhammad Fathoni Hamzah in his research “Morphology and Anatomy of Javanese Edelweiss Leaves.” [Anaphalis javanica] at Several Different Altitudes in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park” in 2010.

One of the best places to see Edelweiss flowers is in Tegal Alun (Mount Papandayan), Surya Kencana Square (Mount Gede), Mandalawangi Square (Mount Pangrango), and Plawangan Sembalun (Mount Rinjani).

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