Get to know Astrophoto, Trends in Photographing Celestial Objects Using HP


Premium smartphones such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra are equipped with a unique astrophoto feature to record celestial objects. Photo: Samsung dock

JAKARTA – The term astrophoto has recently become viral on social media. This is because premium HP cameras can now be used to record astrophotos. But, what exactly is astrophoto? Astrophoto is a term that refers to astronomical photography. Namely, the practice of taking pictures of objects in the sky such as planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and other celestial objects.

In the past, astrophotographers used special telescopes and cameras designed to capture very detailed images of these objects. But, with advances in technology in smartphones, now astrophotos can be done via a cellphone camera. Although, it does need certain tricks and conditions.

Get to know Astrophoto, Trends in Photographing Celestial Objects Using HP
Mobile Experience Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Verry Octavianus said, the 200MP Adaptive Pixel on the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is capable of capturing photos and videos with extraordinary detail.

“Including in difficult conditions such as watching concerts, outdoor activities, or urban photo hunting during the day and night. This is due to the support of technologies such as Tetra2pixel to deal with various lighting situations and HDR mode at 50MP resolution. This confirms that the presence of the Adaptive Pixel 200MP is not a gimmick, but an innovation that enhances the photo and video hunting experience,” explained Verry.

Built-In Camera Features
Get to know Astrophoto, Trends in Photographing Celestial Objects Using HP

The latest cellphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which are equipped with a 200 MP camera, even have a special feature called Astrography. In fact, there are two features that can be used.

First, the “Astrophoto” mode in the Expert RAW feature for photographing celestial bodies such as stars. And the second is AstroHyperlapse whose function is to record star trails in the sky.

Verry said, users only need to select the Expert RAW menu on the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera. Then, point the camera at the sky.

“In the future, you will see icons such as constellations (Astrography). Just click. For shooting duration between 4 minutes-10 minutes. Users can also set the type of camera, focus, and aperture,” said Verry.

A number of users have shown off their astrophoto results using the Galaxy S23 on social media. One of them is photographer Michael Shainblum. The result is that the stars captured in the photo look very clear and clear. As taken from a professional camera.

Minimal Light Pollution

Of course, recording an astrophoto on the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone is not as easy as it might seem. Sites like Tom’s Guide say that to get the best astrophoto results it takes several conditions.

First, users are advised to use a tripod to keep their cellphone stable while shooting. Second, they have to go to a place with minimal light pollution. That is, places that are dark and secluded will be better.

Then, to get the best results, be sure to experiment with the lens used, aperture, shutter, and more.


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