Fraud Cases in Malaysia, Billions Float Over the Phone Even though You Don’t Provide Personal Data and OTP, How come?

There is an alarming case in Malaysia, namely when Sarawak businessmen’s money just floated by phone. He admitted that he received a call for 14 seconds from someone who claimed to be from the Pos Laju courier and asked for an OTP (One Time Password); verification code or one-time password consisting of several digit characters.

Realizing that OTP cannot be given arbitrarily, it is sad that funds were still being transferred from his account twice in the amount of 500 thousand ringgit (a value of Rp. 1.7 billion).

Long story short, luckily the funds that were transferred were returned, Beauties. Of course, this incident was successful in causing anxiety. The bank did not explain in detail what actually happened.

Illustration of chatting with a friend over the phone/Photo: Pexels/KaboompicsIllustration of receiving a call/Photo: Pexels/Kaboompics

One of them, how can transfer transactions still be carried out without an OTP? Makes us think further, what lessons can be learned and improved so that there are no more victims.

Well, the best we can do is maintain personal data, including maintaining the primary email address and cellphone number used, and not just downloading applications.

Then you can continue reading here to find out how to protect your digital assets.


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