FACT CHECK: Syahrini Attends Luna Maya’s Wedding, Reino Barack Holds Jealousy, Really?

Suara Denpasar – It is reported that Luna Maya will marry. In the YouTube Gossip Artis News video post, he also did not forget to invite his ex-girlfriend Reino who is now the husband of Princes Syahrini. Reported by Suara Denpasar, Wednesday (08/03/2023).

Apart from Reino, vocalist Noah Nazril Ilham alias Ariel was also included in the invitation list at Luna Maya’s wedding. Even though the two men were just Luna’s ex-boyfriends, that was precisely why he invited her to show off his marriage in front of the two men who had filled the void in her heart in the past. So, said the Presenter from Gossip Artis News on his YouTube channel.

As is known by the general public, Luna Maya’s love story is indeed quite interesting and even legendary.

The video which lasts 8 minutes and 1 second has been watched by 1,200 hours. With a viewing period that has lasted for 4 days or to be precise on Saturday (04/03/2023) when this video was published. Although until now not a single netizen has commented on the Gossip Artis News YouTube page regarding Luna Maya’s marriage.

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Then, is it true that Luna Maya is married as written in the title of the video ‘Syahrini Present at Luna Maya’s Wedding – Reino Barack Resistant to Jealousy – Today’s Artist Gossip?


Even though the narrator has delivered happy news about Luna Maya’s marriage. However, nothing was found that could prove that the woman who once filled Ariel Noah’s heart was married.

After checking in depth on the video uploaded on the Gossip Artis News YouTube channel, from the beginning to the end of the video there is not a single statement by Luna Maya that she will soon get married and even if she is married. Although, the thumbnail of the video does say ‘Luna Maya is married, invite Reino Barack. Expression of Syahrini’s Husband JD Highlights’. Not true at all. Because the video thumbnail is just an edit.


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The results showing that Luna Maya is married from the Celebrity Information submitted by the Gossip Artis News Presenter on her YouTube Channel are certain to be wrong and do not have valid data.

So far, as reported by Luna Maya’s post on her Instagram account @lunamaya, not a single uploaded photo has been found which marks her marriage. But he only shows off his own photos like in his last post, Tuesday (07/03/2023) with the caption, “Caption?’.

So, in the end, the video uploaded by YouTube Gossip Artis News with the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8-LKth3M-U is just misleading content or a hoax. Quoted by Suara Denpasar, Wednesday (08/03/2023). (Rizal/*)


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