Fact Check: Really! Venna Melinda’s Hot Video Distributed by Ferry Irawan on Social Media, Here’s the Contents

SuaraSumedang.id – Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan continue to be a public concern, after the alleged domestic violence case that Verrel Bramasta’s mother was exposed.

The reason is that long before the domestic violence case surfaced, Venna Melinda and Verry Irawan continued to post their intimacy.

It is known that Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda were married on March 7 2022 in Bali, it seems that for several months together they look very harmonious.

However, the public was stunned at Venna Melinda’s age, admitting that she had experienced domestic violence while showing several photos of herself bleeding.

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It is known that the two married couples were involved in a domestic dispute at a hotel in Kediri City.

Now there is an issue that Venna Melinda’s hot video with Ferry Irawan has become widespread.

This information appeared when uploaded by the BQ& YouTube account with the title if the Irawan ferry spread Venna Melinda’s video.

“Viral 1 Indonesia! Ferry Irawan Spreads Venna Melinda’s Video, Why? Here’s the Reason”.

Let’s take a look at the following fact check results.

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The video uploaded by the YouTube account has a duration of 8 minutes and 22 seconds and contains only a few collages of photographs between Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan.

However, there is no information or evidence regarding any concrete evidence that Ferry Irawan has shared or spread Venna Melinda’s hot videos.

So that it can be concluded that if the news is a hoax, it has nothing to do with the title and the contents of the news.

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