FACT CHECK: Live Today, Stefan William Officially Marries Ranty Maria, Removing Widower Status?

Suara Denpasar – Stefan William is reported to have officially married Ranty Maria, he is reported to have officially released the status of a cool widower that netizens often pinned on him.

The news about Stefan and Ranty’s marriage spread on social media, the two actors or soap opera actors are now in the public’s attention since the spread of the issue.

The issue of Stefan William officially marrying Ranty Maria spread on social media along with the distribution of photos showing the two of them wearing wedding clothes.

In the photo, the two are seen side by side, standing together on the aisle stage and smiling happily. Then the photo shocked netizens.

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The issue of their marriage and the photo was spread by the Hot Kiss YouTube channel, as reported by Suara Denpasar on Wednesday (8/3/2023).

The video was uploaded with a duration of 2 minutes 25 seconds, with the title ‘LIVE!! TODAY REMOVING WIDER STATUS, STEFAN WILLIAM OFFICIALLY MARRIED RANTY MARIA’.

The video has received a lot of public attention, until this news was published, the video has been watched 2,000 times.

The video was uploaded 2 days ago, on Sunday, March 6, 2023 to be precise. So is this news a fact? Or is it just a hoax? Need deeper search to get the real answer.

To get valid news, the Suara Denpasar team conducted an in-depth search regarding news about Stefan William and Ranty Maria, the following are the search results obtained.

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After conducting a more in-depth search, the Suara Denpasar team found that the news conveyed by the narrator in the video did not have a credible source at all.

The narrator in the video explains that Stefan William and Ranty Maria are officially married, they are said to have uploaded a wedding photo via Stefan’s Instagram account.

After searching, there was absolutely no wedding photo of Stefan and Ranty on their Instagram account, there was no news of the marriage between the two of them as announced by the YouTuber.

Even on Stefan William’s Instagram account, namely @stefannwilliam, it can be seen that the handsome actor uploaded his intimacy with another woman and not Ranty.

Stefan through his Instagram account shares intimate videos with women with Ria, they even share intimate videos and show the same ring with the names of both of them written on the circle of the ring.

From the results of the investigation by the Suara Denpasar team, it can be concluded that the news about the wedding of Stefan William and Ranty Maria is untrue news, aka hoax news. (Rizal/*)


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