FACT CHECK: Amanda Manopo Accident on Cipali Toll Road, Lives Can’t Be Saved, Really?

Amanda Manopo is arguably the Indonesian artist who has received the most public scrutiny in recent times.

At least, Amanda Manopo became a topic of conversation when she suddenly announced her ‘retirement’ as Andien—the main character in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta.

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Not only that, Amanda Manopo also continues to be discussed because rumors circulated that she was involved in a love affair with her co-star in Ikatan Cinta, namely Arya Saloka.

In fact, Arya Saloka is a married man, namely Princess Anne.

Most recently, news circulated that Amanda Manopo died as a result of an accident on the Cipali Toll Road.

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However, is this information true?

Fact check

The information that Amanda Manopo had a car accident on the Cipali Toll Road and that her life could no longer be saved was first shared by the YouTube channel Inshot Infotainment.

Traced by Metro, Wednesday (8/3/2023), the video uploaded to the YouTube channel claims that Amanda Manopo was involved in a fatal accident on the Cipali toll road.

“Innalillahi!! Amanda Manopo couldn’t be helped, had a fatal accident on the Cipali Toll Road?” thus the title of the uploaded video on the YouTube channel.

The cover image for the video appears to be an amalgamation of two different photos. On the left side, there is a woman lying in the middle of the road due to an accident.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the cover image of the video, you can see a photo of a woman who looks like Amanda Manopo wearing a respirator.

However, the two photos are actually unrelated. It is known that the photo of the woman lying on the street is actually the deceased Vanessa Angel.

Vanessa Angel herself died because the car she was traveling in with her child and husband had an accident on the toll road.

Not only that, the video actually contains readings of online media articles that dismantle Amanda Manopo’s hoax on the accident.


Thus, it can be concluded that the title and content of the video uploaded to the Youtube channel is a hoax. The contents of the video actually discuss online media articles about Amanda Manopo’s hoax about the accident.

However, the YouTube channel created a title and cover image that actually amplified the hoax.


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