Edelweiss Flower Myths and Facts, Can You Pick It?

Suara.com – Edelweiss is a type of flower that is protected in Indonesia. Therefore, it is appropriate for us to protect it and find out what the myths of this edelweiss flower are.

The myth of the edelweiss flower that you may not know

Here are the myths that are often circulating in society about edelweiss flowers that only grow in a few places.

1. Symbol of eternal love

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During this time, there are many people who try to show their love by bringing souvenirs in the form of edelweiss flowers when they go to mountainous areas.

In fact, launching from the Salute to Vienna page, this is just a myth based on an ancient story.

Until now, there is no evidence that really shows that edelweiss gives eternal love.

2. Can be picked while on the mountain

Don’t feel proud when your lover brings edelweiss flowers after climbing the mountain. This is because the ban on picking edelweiss flowers on this mountain has long been established.

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In the Regulation of the Minister of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia No. P.20/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum.1/6/2018 concerning Protected Plants and Animals, it is clearly written that edelweiss flowers are one of them.

Facts about edelweiss flowers

Apart from the two myths above, there are also unique facts about the edelweiss flower that you should know.

Here are some of them.

1. Close to customary needs

For the people of the Tengger Tribe in the Bromo highlands, edelweiss is not just a flower but also a medium for traditional rituals.

The Tenggerese call edelweiss tana wilt which means it doesn’t wither. This is where finally edelweiss is often referred to as the flower of the storm.

Leliwet, Karo, Entas-Entas, and Kasada are some of the ceremonies that will use edelweiss as offerings.

2. Discovered more than 200 years ago

The existence of the edelweiss flower in Indonesia was first discovered by Georg Karl Reinwardt, a German naturalist who was at Mount Gede at that time.

The first discovery was late in 1819 or more than 200 years ago.

3. Grows up to 4 meters

In the fertile mountains, edelweiss can grow up to four meters. There is one type of edelweiss that can grow up to eight meters above the ground with an upper stem that reaches one meter.

Edelweiss itself can survive up to 10 years. However, due to the actions of naughty persons, this flower can die more quickly.

Those were some facts and myths about edelweiss flowers that you might not know.

Contributor: Hillary Sekar Pawestri

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