Compared England with Nazi Germany, the BBC “scolds” the former star of the national team

BBC Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker will be reprimanded by UK public broadcasters after criticizing the government’s new asylum seeker bill.

Lineker, one of England’s greatest footballers, called the language in which the bill was introduced – which would deny asylum to those who enter the country illegally – “not too different from used in Germany in the 1930s”.

The former Barcelona and Tottenham striker’s reaction was criticized by conservative politicians in Great Britain. Home Secretary Suella Braverman, the person who introduced the draft, said she was disappointed by Lineker’s words.

“We receive fewer refugees than any other major European country. This is a cruel approach to the most vulnerable people, in a language not too different from that used in Germany in the 1930s,” Lineker wrote, referring to a video of Minister Braverman, where she used expressions like “the cup is full” or “we have to stop the boats”.

In the years to which Lineker refers, the Nazis had come to power in Germany, and they began to pass laws of racial discrimination in the country.

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