Compare Ambulance Club Asnawi Mangkualam Jeonnam Dragons With Panpel PSIS Semarang

VOICE SEMARANG – Ambulance and medical facilities were in the spotlight during the PSIS Semarang match, on the other hand the Asnawi Mangkualam Jeonnam Dragons club also uploaded these mandatory facilities.

The ambulance at the PSIS Semarang match and that of Jeonnam Dragons’ new club Asnawi Mangkualam look much different from their physical form.

The Jeonnam Dragons ambulance is shaped like a specially designed golf cart, while the ambulance at the PSIS Semarang match is like a hospital.

If you look at the design, the health facility belonging to the Asnawi Mangkualam club has been specially designed, has seats for the medical team and beds for injured players.

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However, like a golf cart, the Jeonnam Dragons ambulance has no barriers/glasses on the left, right and rear.

So that it is clear that the conditions in the ambulance for the second caste club of the South Korean League.

From the Instagram upload of the Asnawi Mangkualam club, the Jeonnam Dragons ambulance has two seats, one for the driver and/or the other for the medical team.

While the bed used to lie down the players is on the right side of the ambulance. While behind there is a medicine box.

What’s more, the Jeonnam Dragons ambulance is powered by electricity.

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“Sponsorship of the Medical Electric Train,” wrote the club’s official account.

Jeonnam Dragons also delivered an ambulance for Asnawi Mangkualam cs sponsored by Suncheon S Hospital.

“Suncheon S Hospital, the designated hospital for Jeonnam Dragons, is sponsoring electric trains for medical treatment at the stadium for the quick treatment and recovery of players,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the ambulance used by the committee during the PSIS Semarang match last week was the same as the hospital ambulance.

This is reasonable, because the ambulance was written as the Health Service, so it is certain that the ambulance at the PSIS Semarang match came from the government.

Apart from the physical form, standard medical team facilities for a football match have also been regulated.

Starting from medicines and facilities to treat injured players at an early stage.

In your opinion, the Jeonnam Dragons ambulance from Asnawi Mangkualam’s club or the facilities at the PSIS Semarang competition would be better. ***


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