Chronology of Jevier Justin’s daughter abused by a babysitter, grabbed & forced to eat through the nose –

No parent wants their child to be hurt by someone else. The well-known presenter, Jevier Justin, Bunda, feels the same way.

Not long ago, Jevier poured out his feelings when his child who has cerebral palsy, Shannuel Favory Justin, was hurt by the babysitter who took care of him.

Jevier uploaded a video while holding Shan. He also said that the babysitter had been asked to go home. Jevier also apologized because he had left the child without his supervision.



“Daddy, I’m sorry. When Daddy was in America, Cece was abused by one of the sisters. But her sister has come home. Daddy has told her to come home,” said Jevier quoted by account @jevierjustin, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

Chronology of Shannuel being abused by a babysitter

Some time ago, Jevier Justin and his wife, Tiffany Orie, had to go to the United States to collect equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs for Shan, Mother. The children were left at home with the babysitter.

How surprised Jevier was when he checked the CCTV and found that Shan was often abused by the nanny. Jevier didn’t even believe that the nanny could do that.

“Daddy couldn’t believe it when he saw the CCTV. I didn’t expect someone to be so heartless, how could his heart be so rotten, have the heart to be rude to Shan. Actually, I don’t want to go into detail, but I hope this will be a lesson and a warning for all of us to have CCTC at home. and there is always a family at home monitoring,” he said.

“We know because Mommy is restless for several days and nights praying,” continued Jevier.

In the CCTV footage, Shan is seen being bathed in cold water by the nanny until her lips turn blue. Shan also continued to be splashed with water until he panicked and it was confirmed that the water entered his mouth and nose.

“After taking a shower, instead of picking up the child, change clothes first. The bathtub used to take a bath was rolled over with the children as well, so Shan fell overturned on the bathroom floor,” said Jevier.

Not only that, it turns out that the babysitter also often forces Shan to eat until he vomits, Mother. Check out the full story on the next page, OK?

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