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Undergoing promil makes many women more careful. Well, but do you limit yourself to fasting or not, Mother. So, is it permissible to fast while undergoing a pregnancy program? Let’s find out, Mother.

The dilemma of fasting in Ramadan worries many expectant mothers. Questions about whether it is safe or not to fast during pregnancy and pregnancy often worry women.

Yes, this is naturally a point of special consideration for women because the health of the baby and mother is very important from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy.



Fasting while undergoing a pregnancy program

To get security for this answer, Mother can actually consult a doctor right away, Mother. If the doctor recommends fasting, you can continue it.

In general, women with complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney infections or heart problems should refrain from fasting.

According to Dr Rashi Gupta, Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology from iCare Clinics, there are some important tips that must be followed when fasting when you really want to undergo pregnancy and during pregnancy:

1. Stay hydrated

Mothers can drink more water at dawn and iftar so that the body stays hydrated.

2. Iftar with healthy food

Consuming food with balanced nutrition is very important to maintain the health of mothers and prospective babies. Open with a healthy meal including protein, fruit, dates and other sources of fibre.

3. Break the fast if you feel too weak

Don’t force yourself when you feel weak and unable to continue fasting. Immediately break the fast so that the body stays fit.

4. Eat energy-rich foods at dawn

Sahur during fasting is a substitute for breakfast. For that, try to eat energy-rich foods at dawn, Mother.

5. Avoid activities that make you physically tired during fasting

Even though you are not limited to physical activities, doing heavy and tiring physical activities can make you exhausted. For that, choose light physical activity and keep the body safe for both promil and pregnant women.

6. Rest and sleep well

Adequate rest and good sleep are very important to be fulfilled so that physical health is maintained. Strive for quality and restful sleep both day and night.

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