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Can the fetus feel pain? Does the fetus feel emotions? Find out the facts here, Mother.

The question of whether a fetus can feel pain in the womb or stress has been a topic of debate for years. It’s a controversial topic in science, politics, even at family dinners.

So scientifically, can the fetus feel pain in the womb?



Quoting from WebMD, these are facts regarding the question whether babies can feel pain in the womb?

Can the fetus feel pain?

Some assumptions say that the fetus can feel sick in the womb after 20 weeks of age. But scientifically, this is not true.

The fetus cannot feel pain in the same way as adults. Although fetuses can respond to touch, sound, light, and movement, their ability to feel pain is still being debated among experts.

Several studies have shown that the fetus may respond to painful stimuli, such as a firmer touch or intense movement. But this is not proof that fetuses actually feel pain as adults do.

Science has concluded that the fetus does not experience pain until the 24th or 25th week. Scientific studies also note that the connections necessary to transfer signals from peripheral sensory nerves to the brain and the brain structures required to process those signals do not develop before 24 weeks of gestation.

In short, a fetus that is less than 24 weeks old does not have the biological capacity to feel pain. After that age, you will not feel pain like adults.

The reason why a fetus may not feel pain as well as an adult is due to its undeveloped and mature nervous system. During pregnancy, the nervous system of the fetus is still in its developmental stage and is not yet fully developed.

If any stimulus is likely to induce pain in the fetus, their ability to feel pain fully has not yet been developed. However, it is important to remember that even though the fetus does not feel pain like adults, pregnant women should avoid situations that could potentially harm the health of the fetus.

What are the situations that can be detrimental to the health of the fetus? Too much stress, exposure to certain toxins or chemicals, and an unhealthy diet can affect it.

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