Can Taking Blood During Fasting Invalidate? Here’s the Explanation –

During fasting, there are some things that need to be avoided by Muslims so as not to break the fast. However, many are curious about the rules for taking blood during fasting for some people who need to do a blood test during the fasting month?

During Ramadan every year you hear lots of confusing messages, myths and misunderstandings being spread about what breaks your fast and what doesn’t.

There are strict rules that prohibit Muslims from eating, drinking, smoking, or having sex every day after Suhoor until Iftar. So, what about the rules for taking blood during fasting?



Fasting Shaban

Can taking blood while fasting break the fast?

If during the month of Ramadan you need to do a blood test, this does not break your fast. However, if you are unwell during the fasting month, you will most likely be exempt from the fast.

Launching from the book Collection of Articles on Sha’ban and Ramadan by Ammi Nur Baits, bleeding for laboratory research does not break the fast because doctors need to take the blood of a sick person for examination.

This sort of thing doesn’t cancel because it’s just a little blood that doesn’t affect the body like the effect of cupping, so it doesn’t cancel it. As long as the law states that the fast is valid, then nothing can break it except with the Syar’i argument.

Meanwhile, there is no syar’i argument which shows that a fasting person who bleeds a little breaks his fast, Mother.

As for taking a lot of blood from a fasting person, such as donating blood to someone in need, so it is necessary to take a lot of blood such as cupping, then that breaks the fast.

Thus, fasting is obligatory, it is not permissible for someone to donate blood to someone when he is fasting obligatory. Except, if the donor recipient really needs it and is in a critical condition, the doctor states that the blood of the fasting person is beneficial to eliminate danger or save his life.

Under these circumstances, it is permissible for him to donate blood, break his fast, eat and drink until his strength returns and he needs to make up for his fast on another day, Mother.

This is because blood donation can make patients feel dizzy or faint, which might force them to break their fast by drinking a glass of water or eating something.

4 Tips to stay healthy while fasting

Launching from the Healthline page, Ramadan fasting involves not eating and drinking water from sunrise to sunset for a whole month. In order for the body to stay awake and healthy during fasting, there are several things that Muslims need to do, including:

1. Avoid skipping sahur

There are only two opportunities to eat during Ramadan, namely at suhoor and iftar. Therefore, it is very important for Mother not to miss sahur time. This is because eating at that time greatly affects your energy throughout the day.

2. Avoid getting dehydrated

Drinking water is also very important and has many health benefits. Not drinking enough water can lead to a bad mood and increase fatigue. This can affect energy levels and nutrient storage in the body.

Maintaining water intake can also help manage chronic health conditions and play a role in the prevention and treatment of headaches, constipation and maintaining blood pressure.

There is also some evidence that staying hydrated can reduce appetite. This is especially useful when you can’t eat all day.

3. Maintain the portion of the meal

After a day of not eating and feeling hungry, overeating is also common, Mother. Unknowingly, this can lead to morning fatigue and weight gain for a whole month.

4. Understand Mother’s health

Having a chronic medical condition doesn’t mean you can’t fast. That means it’s important to plan ahead and make necessary adjustments. If you have health problems, you should first consult a doctor to find the best solution for fasting in Ramadan.

So, those are some things you need to know about fasting in Ramadan. Hopefully useful, yes, Mother.

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Also, watch the video for 5 safe tips for fasting during Ramadan for breastfeeding mothers below, Mother.

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