BMKG Predicts Hybrid Solar Eclipse to Occur on April 20, can it be observed in Indonesia?

Suara Denpasar – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicts that a Hybrid Solar Eclipse (GMH) will occur on April 20 2023 which can be observed from Indonesia.

Quoted from, Deputy for Geophysics, BMKG Suko Prayitno Adi revealed that a hybrid solar eclipse is predicted to occur on April 20, 2023 which can be observed from Indonesia.

He explained that a hybrid solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth are exactly in line so that in certain places the lunar disk observed from the earth is smaller than the solar disk, and in certain other places the lunar disk observed from earth is the same as the solar disk. .

“As a result, during the peak of the eclipse in a certain place, the sun will appear like a ring, which is dark in the middle and bright on the edges. Meanwhile, in certain other places, the sun seems to be covered by the moon,” he explained.

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Suko stated that a hybrid solar eclipse consists of two types of eclipses, namely an annular solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse. Suko added that there are three types of moon shadows that are formed during GMH, namely antumbra, penumbra and umbra.

In areas where the antumbra passes, the observed eclipse is an annular solar eclipse. Meanwhile, in areas affected by the penumbra, the eclipse that was observed was a partial solar eclipse, said Suko Prayitno.

“Then in certain other areas that are passed by the umbra, the observed eclipse is a total solar eclipse,” he said.

Not only hybrid solar eclipses, Suko Prayitno also said that in 2023 it is predicted that there will be four eclipses, namely GMH on April 20 2023 which can be observed from Indonesia, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (GBP) on May 5-6 2023 which can also be observed from Indonesia.

Then, the Ring Solar Eclipse (GMC) on October 14, 2023 which cannot be observed from Indonesia, and the Partial Lunar Eclipse (GBS) on October 29, 2023 which can be observed from Indonesia. (Rizal/*)

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