Arie Kriting Did Not Attend Sister Indah Permatasari’s Wedding, Not Invited? Mrs. Nursyah: I’m Proud!

Suara Denpasar – The love story of Indah Permatasari and Arie Kriting is still a hot topic of conversation, because the relationship between the two did not receive the blessing of Indah’s parents.

The relationship between Arie and Indah has again become a hot topic of conversation lately, this is because the famous Komika was not present at the wedding of her lover’s sister.

The issue of why Arie Kriting was not invited to the wedding then heated up after being discussed on social media, many suspected that he was not invited to the event.

This issue was disseminated and discussed by the Cumicumi YouTube channel, as reported by Suara Denpasar on Wednesday (8/3/2023).

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The video was uploaded by the owner of YouTube with the title ‘Beautiful Permatasari Attends Her Sister’s Wedding Without Arie Kriting, Mrs. Nursyah Throws Satire Like This’.

In the main image of the video it is also written, ‘My degree was raised after being betrayed by my own child’.

In the video, the narrator conveys the allegations that are circulating, one of which is the alleged issue that Arie Kriting was not invited to the wedding of his girlfriend’s sister.

Not only that, the video also shows Nursyah’s mother’s statement in front of the media when the wedding ceremony was taking place.

He himself explained that he was proud of the marriage of his daughter, Sintia Mutiara Bela, and proud of the groom’s family, which he said highly valued customs and culture.

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“Yes, extraordinarily luxurious, extraordinarily lively, yes, yes, I didn’t expect such a person, such a nice male family,” said Mrs. Nursyah conveyed.

“So respect for people, then the customs and traditions are highly respected by the family on the male side,” he continued.

“Thank God, I was proud there, that from 2019 until the D-day, a mother who had slept for how many years, from 2019 until now, flew straight away!,” he continued.

“The long sleep was too long, so because I was raised to the same rank as the male family, I also did not expect that the child I had never cared for was Indah Permatasari, extraordinary, being raised to the highest degree by God,” he continued.

Mrs. Nursyah continued her statement which alluded to the name Indah Permatasari, she was proud of Indah’s younger sister, who she said raised the status of parents.

While Indah, she called her daughter a child who had been adopted, but instead grabbed her.

“I did not expect, the child I did not raise as high as Indah Permatasari, the child who was adopted, but that child was also the one who grabbed me,” he continued.

“But the child I didn’t pay attention to, that child also raised my degree,” he continued.

Nursyah’s mother’s statement was later discussed a lot, many people strongly suspected that it was harsh satire for Indah Permatasari.

As for the truth that Arie Kriting was invited or not invited to Sintia Mutia Bela’s wedding, the Denpasar Sound team obtained it through the Indah Permatasari YouTube channel.

Through her YouTube channel, namely a channel called Indah Permatasari, she makes Vlog content before leaving for her sister’s wedding.

In the video, Indah said that Arie Kriting did not go to Sintia’s wedding because he was busy with his own business.

“Her father (Arie Kriting) can’t come, because he has work,” Indah said in her YouTube content entitled ’24 HOURS BALIK JAKARTA – MAKASSAR’. (*/Aryo)


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