7 Tips for Fasting while Pregnant in Trimester 2, Don’t Forget Folic Acid Bun

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Some experts say fasting during pregnancy is not safe for the baby. If you still want to fast even though you are already in your second trimester, you can check some tips on fasting during pregnancy according to doctors.

Pregnant women need higher nutrition and energy. Therefore it is permissible for pregnant women not to fast like in the month of Ramadan.

So far scientific studies focusing on fasting have been scarce and the results have been mixed and ongoing. Researchers in a study of people who fasted during Ramadan during the second trimester of pregnancy concluded that fasting was associated with preterm birth.



Fasting tips during pregnancy

Actually fasting is not recommended during pregnancy. Not only can it lower blood sugar to unhealthy levels, but a study has shown a link to preterm birth.

In addition, fasting pregnant women also increases the risk of not getting enough food every day, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies and an overall lack of energy.

“If you have a baby, have you ever decided to only feed him six hours a day? Of course not. It’s the same reason it’s OK to not fast during pregnancy,” says Joey Adashek, MD, a Las Vegas-based perinatologist.

Pregnant women are advised not to limit food during pregnancy to encourage optimal fetal health. If pregnant women’s nutritional intake is insufficient, it can affect the health of pregnant women and their fetus.

For example, if pregnant women don’t consume enough calcium, it can interfere with the development of healthy bone structures.

“When pregnant women don’t consume enough calories, the body tries to break down fat, increasing ketonuria and ketonemia which are ketones in the urine and blood,” says Adashek.

Meanwhile, Ryann Kipping, RDN, founder of The Prenatal Nutrition Library app, says although fasting is considered unsafe during pregnancy, it can be a great time to explore the relationship between food and the body. Pregnant women can think about what foods make pregnant women feel the best.

Pregnancy can be an ideal time to practice intuitive eating. That means tuning in to what your body needs and really listening to those signals.

“If pregnant women wake up in the middle of the night very hungry, you and your baby should eat something,” he advised. “If you’re still hungry after eating your fill, it’s okay to eat more because this is what your body is telling you it needs,” she says.

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