5 sleeping positions after intercourse to get pregnant quickly, make the process of conception easier

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Mother and Father will make a lot of effort if they want a baby. Starting from improving a healthier lifestyle, adjusting certain positions during intercourse, even to sleeping positions afterwards.

That said, certain sleeping positions after intercourse can speed up pregnancy, Mother.

Quoting from Parents, apart from marking the fertile period, the position during and after intercourse can affect the potential for pregnancy, Mother. This was conveyed by a reproductive endocinologist from Charlottesville, Virginia, Christopher Williams, MD



“The position of a woman after intercourse is very influential on the success of the conception process,” he commented in the book The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally, which became one of his works.

So what sleeping positions can affect pregnancy after sex, Mother? Let’s see how it goes.

5 sleeping positions that can speed up pregnancy

Still quoting from Parents, some sleeping positions after intercourse, which are believed to speed up pregnancy are:

Lie down for a while after intercourse. At least 20 – 30 minutes. This position can increase the chances of sperm entering and causing fertilization.
“Good advice is to lie in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse. It’s best not to go to the bathroom during this time, wait 10 to 15 minutes, so that the sperm will enter the cervix,” said James Goldfarb, reported by the MD Web page . Put your head down and lift your legs up after intercourse. Mom can ask Dad for help to keep her legs from drooping down. After having sex, you can prop your hips with a pillow. This position can help sperm continue to flow into the uterus, thereby increasing the chances of conception. Lie on your back in a slightly oblique position. This is believed to make it easier for sperm to flow in the vagina. To position on your side, one way is to prop your hips with a pillow. The prostration position is also believed to facilitate pregnancy, Mother. Where sperm enters through the cervix with an uneven vaginal position, it is recommended that after intercourse, Mother can be in a prostration position for 3-5 minutes to speed up the possibility of getting pregnant.

However, the position suggestions above are not absolute requirements to get pregnant quickly, Mother. Because there are many other scientific suggestions that you can apply if you want to have a baby quickly.

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