5 Potential Skills to Generate Profit in Today’s Era, Suitable for Additional Income Fields!

Living in the midst of the progress of the times like today indeed provides a gift as well as a challenge in itself. The gift may be felt through the many conveniences provided by technology. But besides that, there are also challenges to be able to adapt to the demands and needs of the times. Including in terms of skills or skills possessed.

Why? Because more and more new types of jobs are popping up with certain skill qualifications. For this reason, efforts are needed to continue to improve skills, beauties. Apart from being able to compete with the demands of the times, of course, you can also have the opportunity to generate income. So, quoted from the Debt page, here are some potential skills to generate income in this era.

Graphic design

Graphic design illustration/ Photo: Freepik.com/DCStudio
Graphic design illustration/ Photo: Freepik.com/DCStudio

Beauties may already be familiar with this one skill. Yes, graphic design is quite familiar to the ear. Even though it has often been heard, not everyone has mastered this skill. Meanwhile, the opportunity is very big, you know. A graphic designer is required to have creativity.

Her work often relies on interesting ideas which are then poured into a visual object. The good news, Beauties can be self-taught for this graphic design. However, there’s nothing wrong with taking a course to find out in detail the basics of graphic design so that in the future you can become more proficient.


Photography woman illustration/ Photo: Freepik.com/freepik
Illustration to pursue photography/ Photo: Freepik.com/freepik

Have you ever received compliments on the photos Beauties produce? Or is it often used as a photographer when colleagues want to capture the moment? If so, this could bode well for Beauties to delve deeper into their photography craft. This one skill is much needed at this time. Starting from companies, home business owners, MSME actors, to personal interests, many need photography services.

Beauties can start by practicing and learning the basics on their own. Apart from that, of course there are other options to take photography classes. As long as Beauties feel this is an investment, there is no loss.

Video Editing

Illustration take video Freepik freepik
Illustration take video/ Photo: Freepik.com/freepik

Who is this among the Beauties whose hobby is video editing? But more than adjusting to the templates that are already available on the platform, yes, hehe.. Editing in the sense here, you have to really process raw videos into videos that are interesting to look at. Usually it will depend on the theme and concept of the desired video.

Instead of just taking video footage, try to process it further with the editing process to make it more beautiful. Keep trying until finally Beauties get used to it and have qualified skills in this field.

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