5 Moments of Aisyah Jealous of the Messenger of Allah, Happened on Nisfu Sya’ban Night

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Prophet Muhammad SAW’s wife, Aisyah, was known as a person who was honest, loyal, and loved her husband very much. But did you know that Aisyah also has a jealous nature?

Told in a number of hadiths, Aisyah was often jealous of the wives of the Prophet during his lifetime. For Mother to know, Aisyah bint Abu Bakr is the third wife of the Prophet.

Even though she became the most beloved wife of the Prophet Muhammad SAW after Siti Khadijah, this jealousy was inevitable when the Prophet paid attention to his other wives.



The story of Aisha, the wife of the Prophet Muhammad

Here are five stories when Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet, was jealous of the Prophet.

1. Jealous of Siti Khadijah

It is told in one of the hadiths, there is a story when Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet was jealous of Siti Khadijah who had even passed away. At that time, Aisyah was jealous because the Prophet often mentioned Khadijah’s name.

Aisyah’s jealousy is proof of the sincerity of her love for the Prophet. It is even mentioned in a hadith, that his jealousy for Khadijah exceeded feelings of jealousy towards the other wives of the Prophet.

“Am I not jealous of one of the wives of the Prophet SAW as I am jealous of Khadijah. Even though I have never seen her.”

The unstoppable feeling of jealousy once made Aisyah utter unkind words against the late Khadijah. “What can you do with an old woman whose corners of her mouth are red? Even though Allah SWT has replaced you with something better than her.”

Then the Prophet replied, “By Allah, Allah SWT did not replace it for me. He believed in me when others disbelieved, he justified me when everyone lied to me, he gave me his wealth when everyone was hiding it, and from him Allah SWT gave me descendants.”

(Hadith sources narrated by HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

5 Stories of Aisyah Jealous of the Messenger of Allah, Happened on the Night of Nifsu Sya'ban5 stories of Aisyah being jealous of the Prophet / Photo: iStock

2. Jealous of Shafiyah

There is also a story about the jealousy of Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet, towards Shafiyah bint Huyai. Shafiyah is the Prophet’s wife who used to be a prisoner of Jewish blood. Shafiyah has white skin and a beautiful face that often makes the Prophet’s wives feel jealous, including Aisyah.

Aisha always showed jealousy to the Prophet. When introducing Shafiyah to her friends, Aisyah also feels jealous because of Shaifyah’s beauty.

Realizing that Aisyah was jealous, the Prophet asked, “What do you see, O blonde woman?”

Aisha replied, “I saw a Jewish woman.”

The Messenger of Allah then said, “Don’t say that because Shafiyah has converted to Islam and is a good Muslim.”

(Book: ’39 Female Characters Carving Islamic History’. Pages 297 to 302, by Dr. Bassam Muhammad Hamami)

3. Jealous of the Prophet’s Wife

The story of jealousy of Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet, also happened in front of the Prophet’s companions. In a history from Anas bin Malik it is said, “Some people presented a tray filled with quinoa bread. At that time, he was at the house of one of his wives. Then his wife hit the maid’s hand carrying the tray until it broke.”

It turned out that the wife who hit the tray was Aisyah. However, the Prophet was not angry. He picked up the fallen quinoa and put it back on the broken tray.

He said to his friends, “Eat, your mother is jealous.” While the Messenger of Allah kept holding the broken plate until they finished eating the food.

After that, he replaced the broken tray with a new one. As the words of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in the hadith narrated by at-Tirmidhi, “Damaged food is replaced with food, vessels are replaced with vessels.”

(HR. Bukhari, Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, and An-Nasa’i)

4. Jealous because the Prophet was not with him on the night of Nisfu Sya’ban

Another story is when Aisyah, the wife of the Prophet, was jealous because she woke up in the middle of the night and saw that there was no Prophet beside her. Whereas before, Rasulullah was sleeping with him.

Aisha felt suspicious and thought that the Prophet left the house to sleep with other wives. He felt that tonight was his right to sleep with the Prophet.

Aisyah went out of the house to look at the house of the Prophet’s other wives. However, the Prophet was not found there before finally being found in the mosque.

The Prophet knew what happened. Knowing Aisyah was jealous, he said, “Are you jealous again, Aisyah? Are you afraid that Allah and His Messenger will wrong you? This is the night of Nisfu Sha’ban, Aisyah.”

(Book: ‘Muhammad’s Love Rooms’. Author: Nizar Abazhah)

5. Jealous of Khadijah’s sister

The story of the jealousy of Aisyah, the wife of the Messenger of Allah, once happened when Siti Khadijah’s sister, Halah bint Khuwailid, asked for permission to meet the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The Prophet then greeted Halah warmly.

Seeing the Prophet’s face look bright and radiant made Aisyah feel jealous. After the woman came home, Aisha commented, “By Allah, you behave differently to this old woman, you have never behaved like this to anyone.”

Then Rasulullah replied, “He used to often come when Khadija was still around. Don’t you know that giving affection is part of faith?”

(Book: ‘Effective Moments with the Prophet SAW. Author: Abdul Aziz Asy Shinawi)

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