4 Simple Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight! Come on, let’s try

The problem of excess weight is often haunting. Isn’t that right, Beauties? Yes, it’s not just a matter of appearance to make it look ideal, but also from a health perspective. Among the many ways available, reducing food portions is one of the ways that has been applied so far.

However, if you dig deeper, there are many more ways you can try. Including from the aspect of daily habits. Quoted from the EatingWell page, the following simple habits can be applied by Beauties to help you lose weight.

1. Limit Caffeine After Lunch

Illustration of drinking coffee/ Photo: Freepik.com/jcomp
Illustration of drinking coffee/ Photo: Freepik.com/jcomp

Are Beauties one among coffee lovers? There’s nothing wrong with liking a drink with this authentic aroma. But what cannot be forgotten is the caffeine content in coffee. Sipping coffee in the morning might have a positive effect on getting through the day all day long.

However, drinking coffee after lunch is worth considering. This is because caffeine can remain in the body for 6 to 9 hours. For beauties who are sensitive to caffeine, this can backfire due to the potential to make it difficult to sleep. If sleep is disturbed, this can interfere with metabolism which in turn has an impact on weight gain.

2. Body Hydration Starts the Day

Illustration of hydrating the body/ Photo: Freepik.com/lifeforstock
Illustration of hydrating the body/ Photo: Freepik.com/lifeforstock

Fulfilling fluid intake or what is called hydration is very important for the body, beauties. This can be done by drinking enough water. A well-hydrated body will accelerate metabolism. Well, a smooth metabolism can help weight loss efforts.

In addition, based on a 2018 study, it found that those who experienced less sleep duration were more likely to be caused by insufficient hydration. This also means that properly hydrating the body can be one of the keys to getting better sleep duration. This sufficient sleep time can help beauties in their weight loss efforts.

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