28 Schoolgirls Hospitalized After Playing Ouija Spirit Board


Dozens of schoolgirls in Colombia collapse and are hospitalized after playing a Ouija board. Photo/News.com.au

BOGOTA – Dozens of female students have been hospitalized after collapsing while playing a Ouija board at a school in Colombia.

The students were rushed to hospital having lost consciousness due to an ‘anxiety attack’ after using a board, also known as a spirit board, which is used to contact the dead.

The school director and concerned teachers went with the students to the hospital, where they awaited updates on their condition.

“There are 28 possible cases of anxiety in school students,” said Hugo Torres, Head of the Galeras Educational Institute in Pasto, South Colombia, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (9/3/2023).

However, Torres has since accused members of the public of stoking the hysteria by spreading unfounded rumours.

“In light of the reported cases, a series of comments were made to the public which, instead of helping to resolve the situation, caused confusion and a detrimental environment for our work,” he said.

“For this reason, INEGA is permitted to report that the students were referred to the local municipal hospital in accordance with the protocol in force,” he continued.

“Directors and teachers accompanied students during the evaluation process. Parents and/or guardians were respectively informed about the situation at the time,” he said.

The school is awaiting a medical report before providing an update on the incident.

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