2023 U-20 Asian Cup Results: With a draw against Tajikistan, South Korea wins Group C


South Korea has qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup by winning Group C/Photo/AFC status

TASHKENT – South Korea qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2023 U-20 Asian Cup by winning Group C status after holding Tajikistan 0-0 at Bunyodkor Stadium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Wednesday (8/3/2023) evening WIB. The young Taegeuk Warriors collected seven points from three matches.

South Korea was accompanied by Jordan to the last 8. Jordan also played 0-0 against Oman in the final match at Lokomotiv Stadium, Tashkent. Jordan reaped the same points as Tajikistan, 4 points, but they won head-to-head. Jordan won 2-0 over Tajikistan on the second matchday.

The match between South Korea and Tajikistan was fierce. Korea was depressed at the start of the first half. Tajikistan, which is aiming for victory, plays aggressively.

In the 10th minute, Tajikistan almost scored a goal through Sharipov Daler, but his shot from inside the penalty box was narrowly sideways. Eight minutes later, it was Ziyozoda Asadbek’s turn to threaten with a header that aimed right at Kim Joonhong’s arms.

Gingseng Country was only able to get out of the pressure in the 20th minute’ and got an opportunity through Sung Jinyoung in the 24th minute’. However, his volley which grabbed Cho Youngkwang’s sweet pass was pushed over by Safarmad Ghaforov.

Tajikistan had another dangerous chance in the 37th minute after Daler received a through ball from Akhtamov Khamzadzhon. However, he was too weak to execute the ball so Kim Joonhong easily blocked his kick. The match ended in a goalless draw until halftime.

Entering the second half, Tajikistan dominated possession. However, they still have difficulty penetrating the solid South Korean defense.

The quick counterattack from the young Taeguk Warriors -South Korea’s nickname- almost led to the opening goal in the 58th minute. However, Kim Heeseung’s low kick which led to the lower right corner of the goal was still within reach of Ghaforov.

In the 78th minute, the South Korean defense was caught off guard and almost conceded. However, Kim Joonhong appeared extraordinary and was able to ward off Asadbek’s shot which grabbed Salam Ashurmamadov’s pullback.

In the final 10 minutes of the second half, not many opportunities were created from both teams and the match tended to be tough. As a result, the points score did not change until the end of the match.

Player lineup

SOUTH KOREA (4-3-3): Kim Joonhong; Choi Seok Hyun, Bae Seojoon, Cho Youngkwang, Kim Jisoo; Kang Sangyoon, Kim Gyeonghwan, Kim Heeseung; Kim Yonghak, Lee Jungsang, Sung Jinyoung.
Cadangan: Park Changwoo, Hwang Intaek, Park Hyunbin, Lee Seungwon, Lee Youngjun, Bae Junho, Kang Seongjin, Lee Junjae, Park Junyoung, Moon Hyunho, Moon Seungmin, Kim Junghun.
Coach: Kim Eun Jung.

TAJIKISTAN (3-5-2): Safarmad Ghaforov; Akhtamov Fakhriddin, Rahmatzoda Rahmatshah, Karimov Mehruban; Salam Ashurmamadov, Akhtamov Khamzadzhon, Kamolov Amadoni, Abdullo Saharipov; Ziyazoda Asadbek. Sharipov Daler.
Cadangan: Mehrubon Ghaforzoda, Kurbanov Sadiqjon, Khaitov Azizbek, Khudoidodzoda Abdulfatohi, Azizov Sunatullo, Shakhriyori Inoyatullo, Salmshoev Kabir, Irgashev Salahiddin, Makhmudzoda Shakhobiddin, Daylatov Faridun, Suhrobkhuja Yusupov.
Coach: Oleg Kubarev.


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